Young, Black & Married is a social media community derived from Facebook. Richard Lawrence created Young , Black & married in October of 2010 as an outlet to share and discuss his new chapter of life, marriage. He was disappointed in the way society and the media depict the black family and set out on a mission to debunk the notion that young African-Americans don't tie the knot anymore. The number of "likes" steadily increased and he knew there were other young African-American married couples around the world seeking positive images of Black love. Since its creation close tides have been made and the followers have become a "community." In YB&M there are no "followers" only family! Richard discovered he enjoyed his past time activities with YB&M and decided it was time to legitimize things. He invited his Wife Nicole to join him as the business half and the two set forth to move from social media participants to business partners. On September 6th, 2013 Forever: Young, Black & Married LLC. was established.