Families get stuck in a rut sometimes and look for new things to do in order to have fun together. Here's some tips to help with the boredom:

1.) Go to the local playground and swing together or climb the monkey bars. Kids love it when parents play like they do.

2.) Visit the zoo. Have each person write down which animal they liked best and what they learned about that animal.

3.) Card game. Introduce your kids to new card games and make things interesting by offering up "no chores" for the week as the big prize.

4.) ​Formal dinner. Have a formal family dinner. Set the table with your best tableware, have everyone dress up and use your best manners. Give everyone a fancy name and title -- like prince or princess -- and behave as one would. This is a fun way to teach table manners.

​5.) Biking. Calm kids down before bed by making a family bike ride a nightly after-dinner event.

6.) ​Nature walk. Go on a nature walk at a local park or outdoor trail – point out different types of trees and plants.

7.) ​Color. Color together. Bring out the pile of coloring books and bucket of crayons and have everyone sit at the dining room table and color. This is a good way to let the conversation flow while everyone is creating.

8.) Play casual sports. Play a casual game of baseball, football or basketball. Or maybe take some time and go to a local high school athletic contest for fun.

9.) Plan a garage sale and have the kids pitch in. Encourage them to get rid of things they no longer use (like old toys, clothes, etc) to make room for the new stuff the sale may bring.

10.) Have an adventure. You don't have to travel far for an adventure. Have you visited the museums, festivals, bowling alleys, and ice cream shops in your area, or even a short drive away? Fun awaits just a few towns over.