14 steps. I never took time to realize just how important fourteen steps were until a couple of months ago as Nicole was walking up the stairs in our home. She was counting to herself, 1-2-3..., and I had my hand out to help her up the stairs because she was having trouble with her balance as we were downstairs in the kitchen. Finally, when Nicole reached the top of the stairs I asked her why she was counting? She told me, she was counting the steps to make sure she didn't miss one and fall...there are fourteen steps. I've always admired the strength my wife displays when faced with adversity. Watching her adapt to her situation has been amazing!

Nicole asked me when she first found out she had Multiple Sclerosis (1 year ago), to not disable her. But how could I disable her when she works so hard to enable herself despite whatever difficulty she's faced with? It's inspiring and to be close enough to bear witness to the growth of a woman I've known since she was 21, as she travels through life? It's beautiful in a way words can't really describe.

​​​By Richard Lawrence , Young black and married 

In relationships, you often times start taking things for granted, not even realizing how important the smallest of things are. However, that night a few months ago as my wife reached her 14 step goal safely? The realization of what marriage really is, finally dawned on me. Each and every step of the journey, the marriage journey, is to be counted. Nothing overlooked. Fourteen steps. Fourteen steps is a lot more than a number to me. Those fourteen steps represent the progress my wife and I have made during the five years we've been married. Fourteen steps, and our climb on the stairway to heaven together continues...​​