By Ray Harrington Jr., Contributing Writer 


You have made a promise to love from now until death do you part but the benefit of marriage is continuous and most often unrecognizably immediate! With that being said it is critical to focus not only on loving your spouse today but always keeping the future of your marriage in mind. Although we most often strategically plan and prepare for the future, much action is also required to keep a relationship alive. Much different from the commitment you made while attending school to pursue your education or the extra training you participated in for work, you will find that the benefit from hard work in your marriage can be reaped every day. For instance, when you take time to compliment, empower, provide security and instill confidence in your spouse, they'll most likely if equally devoted to the marriage, will in return fulfill their love contract to you! Providing you with the specifics of your love language, while acknowledging their observation of your efforts allowing the two of you to feel total gratification for the hard work you have invest in your marriage.

This is great news and very electrifying especially if you're a young couple!!! See, the person you married, is going to be a completely different person 5-10 years from now, prayerfully for the better. So, loving your partner for the future is only going to benefit your desires and your marriage later down the line. I'm a strong believer that marriage gets better over the years because as people, we are suppose to improve, reinvent and galvanize our positive traits while learning from our mistakes and dropping our negative characteristics. For example, my wife is a great cook and a very good listener. As she ages, she is only going to become a better chef. She will naturally experiment with new recipes, techniques while remaining open to constructive criticism, eventually eliminating poor preparation habits or possible undesired tastes. The same holds true for her listening abilities.

Once my wife truly assess what is important to me and type of listener she needs to be for me to feel heard as well as completely comfortable in confiding in her. After years of doing the task of listening to me as her spouse she will become even more effective at analyzing the data given and know exactly how to address each conversation. So, again do your best to love your spouse not just here in the present but to ensure a pleasant love and marriage in the future. Keep your marriage intact, hold true to the promises and terms of your love contract and be happier in your marriage than you even imagined on your wedding day. but because you will have future blessings in doing so. Always be willing to learn each other.