Everyone wants and deserves to be loved, not everyone knows how to love. At twenty-three years old I had to be honest with myself I had absolutely no idea how to properly give or receive love. I was a mess and what made it worse was that I had no one to blame but myself. I was hurting people with my "love," because I never recovered from the moment someone else hurt me with theirs.

I was out partying the night I met the woman who’d become my wife in a nightclub in the summer of 2005. Nicole Singleton. I thought she was beautiful but I was attracted to the way she carried herself. I felt something in that moment. We talked and laughed at the bar while I waited for my drink. We exchanged names, not numbers. When the bar-tender returned with my drink I nodded my head and politely said goodnight because I never thought I’d see her again. I thought to myself, “She’s nice,” and that was that. Then one lonely night in April of 2006 I was in a chat room looking for someone to talk to and soon after logging in I got a private message from, 'Pretty Thickness.' "Remember me?" It was the girl I'd met in Ohio at the bar.

Nicole and I became friends in a chat room, fell in love through phone calls and developed an unbreakable friendship. Two years and 400 miles would stand between the initial meeting and the next time we'd laid eyes on each other. On the 10th day we physically spent together I proposed. During a year-long engagement stones would be cast, mountains would be moved and failure would become awkwardly familiar but we made it over that broom. Funny thing about life is that it is an excellent teacher. I pray that the lessons life has shared with Nicole and I can help someone else along their way.

This is our story: Our love, our life, and our lessons.


Making it to the Altar: From Cyber to Ceremony Our Love. Our Life. Our Lessons.

By Richard and Nicole Lawrence