Nia Davis is a native of New Orleans. Her purpose, passion and profession involve the promotion of learning, growth and LOVE. Nia writes LOVE in all capital letters because to her LOVE is big and all encompassing. In her free time, Nia can be found promoting LOVE and cheer around her beloved New Orleans and beyond. Her hope is that all will believe in the power of LOVE.

Open Letter to Brothas Hey! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been meaning to share a few things with you and in light of recent events I think now is a good time to do this… First of all, I LOVE you. And it is the little things you do that keeps this LOVE going. From the way you call me “Queen” and make sure that I smile often, to the way you provide for and protect our children. You never hesitate to show us that we are a priority in your life. This is LOVE!

I also admire the way you get up EVERY day with strength to provide for us and pursue your dreams in a world that doesn’t value you. No one knows what you go through each day you leave the world we’ve created and enter into a world that doesn’t respect you. Your strength fuels my strength.

And speaking of work, I relish in seeing you take raw materials and turn it into something useful and brilliant. Your hands and your mind create daily and I enjoy watching you take pride in your work.

Although this world looks as the two of us with completely different lenses and responds to us differently, we’ve got to make sure our stuff…us…this life we have built…remains stronger than ever! We need to get back to the basics and look at each other at our cores. We’ve got to pull back the layers and understand that we need to challenge each other in truth and in LOVE and hold each other accountable. We’ve got to let go of the petty things and embrace those that are most important. We need to recommit ourselves to each other and then our children and then our community. We simply cannot flourish without each other.

I know I don’t say this as often as I should, but I just want you to know that I am willing to do my part as you do yours… I LOVE YOU!